What Others Say about The Winter Elf

Grace Anne has achieved the enchanting task of what George MacDonald called inventing ‘a little world of one’s own.’ Fans of fairytales will recognize her winter world, for it works a peculiar magic, making us long all the more for the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Andrew Lazo
MA, editor of 'Mere Christians: Inspiring Encounters with C.S. Lewis', and of 'Early Prose Joy', Lewis’s first spiritual autobiography

A reverent tale of the power of faith in times of suffering, The Winter Elf is both tender and timeless. In one life-changing night, a little girl receives the key to a powerful mystery: that even in desolation, love ignites the courage she needs to light up the darkness with love.

Lisa Mladinich
award-winning author and TV Host

The Winter Elf is a beautiful reminder that bringing our fears and hurts into the light means that the darkness no longer has the same power over us. As the wise elf shares his ancient saying, we all gain a solid reminder of the best way to bear a burden: by sharing it with those who love us. This story speaks to the hurting child in all of us with a message of redemption and healing.

Kim Nisbett
Director, Fine Linen Theatre

Grace Anne's love for children, fairy tales, and the deeper truths they convey shines through every page!

Christin Ditchfield
author of the best-selling 'A Family Guide to Narnia'

A good story with a timeless message is hard to find but Grace Anne has conjured up a tale that will become a family favorite. The Winter Elf helps children understand they can learn and grow even when life seems harsh.

Joanne F Miller
speaker, artist and author of 'Creating a Haven of Peace', 'What if It Were Possible?' and 'Be Your Finest Art'

Grace Anne succeeds in painting a stirring portrait of loss and pain by using a palette of friendship, compassion and hope, all on the canvas of a classic children’s fable.

James Duke
President, Act One, Inc., Hollywood, CA

Riddled with pithy wisdom, yet also woven into a rich storyline, The Winter Elf is sure to both inspire and challenge. It will no doubt become a favorite therapeutic resource for those who work with children, as it has all the elements of a classic. Highly recommended!

Kenyon Knapp
Ph.D., Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences, Liberty University

At once both a moment in time and timeless, The Winter Elf is the best sort of fairy tale. Grace Anne’s prose echoes the cadences and rhythms of Lewis, Potter and Dahl—clean, exact, and evocative—providing just the right touches of precise description to create that moment in time when her young hero Clara most needs guidance—and a gentle reminder that faith is a kind of magic, no less real merely because it defies explanation. Clara’s journey is simple yet profound and will no doubt touch hearts and souls for many ages to come.

Daniel Reardon
Dr. Daniel Reardon, Associate Professor of English, Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature, Missouri University of Science and Technology

All good fairy stories show us who we are and help us to understand the world in which we live. As Tolkien says, they hold up a mirror, showing us ourselves. The Winter Elf is a very good fairy story. Charming and disarming, it takes us into an enchanted world so that we can see the pain and suffering of this world more clearly. It is a gift for suffering souls of all ages which edifies the troubled soul even as it heals the broken heart.

Joseph Pearce
author of Further Up and Further In: Understanding Narnia and Frodo’s Journey: Discover the Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings

As a child psychologist, this is now on my most recommended book list for parents to read to their children. The Winter Elf will delight and win fans. It is a winsome tale of healing which leaves the reader in a spirit of cherished reflection and loving comfort.

Trina Young Greer
Psychologist, Founder and Executive Director, Genesis Counseling Center

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A timeless tale of hope for the child in all of us
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