A timeless tale of hope for
the child in all of us
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Painful pasts can make for
the strongest futures, if we let them

Painful pasts can make
for the strongest futures,
if we let them

With her mother hospitalized during the holidays and her future uncertain, Clara Rose finds herself overlooked in the bustle and worry of the family. Fearing that talking about it will only make things worse, the little girl stays quiet and hides away her tears.

Then one snowy night, an odd but proper English elf shows up in her backyard, and Clara finds herself in a world of winter enchantment, discovering the healing wonders of embracing pain.

In a heartwarming tale set in the magic of childhood, families will learn the value of sharing their hearts, their hurts, and their hopes in the face of life’s greatest trials.

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I have now read this book several times and have marveled at its unusual power. The Winter Elf can only be described as a masterpiece of children’s literature. Grace Anne has created a one-of-a-kind tool for anyone who loves a child. And before the story even begins, the author’s Letter to Grownups—a quick message to the book’s likely narrators—has value well beyond the price of the book. Seriously.

Andy Andrews
New York Times bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer, and creator of WisdomHarbour.com

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Meet the

Grace Anne is an author, painter and musician who delights in exploring a wide range of emotional, relational, and spiritual experiences through the arts. Inspired especially by the fiction of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, she seeks to express “the good, the true and the beautiful.” 

She lives on her family’s estate in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, where she loves meandering walks in the woods, soaking up the animals, and dreaming out under the stars.

As a child psychologist, this is now on my most recommended book list for parents to read to their children. The Winter Elf will delight and win fans. It is a winsome tale of healing which leaves the reader in a spirit of cherished reflection and loving comfort.

Trina Young Greer
Psychologist, Founder and Executive Director, Genesis Counseling Center

Continue story-time with 3 FREE coloring pages!


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A timeless tale of hope for the child in all of us
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