About Grace Anne

About Grace Anne

Grace Anne grew up in the grand countryside of the Missouri foothills, tromping in the mud and building playhouses with six brothers and sisters. With animals, trees to climb, forests to explore, and adventures to have, imaginative play was the center of her growing up. 

When her dad became sick for many years with severe Lyme Disease, Grace Anne struggled to find how she, just a child, could help manage the stress and chaos of a family illness. It was hard for the parents and children to truly connect. However, before bed, they always gathered to listen to their dad read the fantastic stories of C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Brain Jaques, and other amazing writers. The ability the stories had to whisk her away and provide a new perspective of the world did not go unnoticed. 

By age 10, Grace Anne began writing stories for her younger siblings to help them sleep or deal with the loss of a farm pet. She avidly studied creative writing, including taking an intensive in Hollywood under the creators of blockbuster films. After graduation, Grace Anne majored in Psychology to further understand how her characters might come to life in realistic and relatable ways and also to strategically provide therapeutic guidance and new perspectives through the crafting of her words.

Psychologists and literary professors compare the work of The Winter Elf to that of C.S. Lewis, Beatrix Potter, and Tolkien, highly recommending it as a therapeutic resource for counseling centers and families alike. She has attended a psychology event at Liberty University as a guest speaker and has been featured in the college’s Champion newspaper. 

With the power of story, Grace Anne looks to reach the heart of a single child and provide him or her with the tools necessary to handle the complicated problems we face in life. By intentionally fostering a childhood of safety, connection, and imagination, there is the hope for the building up of stronger and healthier individuals.

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A timeless tale of hope for the child in all of us
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